Version 3.0

SQL Adapter » Migrations

The SQL adapter uses Sequel migration API exposed by SQL gateways. You can either use the built-in rake tasks, or handle migrations manually.

Migration Rake Tasks

To load migration tasks simply require them and provide db:setup task which sets up ROM.

# your rakefile

require 'rom/sql/rake_task'

namespace :db do
  task :setup do
    # your ROM setup code

The following tasks are available:

  • rake db:create_migration[create_users] - create migration file under db/migrate
  • rake db:migrate - runs migrations
  • rake db:clean - removes all tables
  • rake db:reset - removes all tables and re-runs migrations

Using Gateway Migration Interface

You can use migrations using gateway's interface:

rom = ROM.container(:sql, 'postgres://localhost/rom')

gateway = rom.gateways[:default]

migration = gateway.migration do
  change do
    create_table :users do
      primary_key :id
      column :name, String, null: false

migration.apply(gateway.connection, :up)