Version 3.0

SQL » Commands

SQL commands support all features of the standard ROM command API. In addition, the following SQL-specific features are supported:

  • The associates plugin, for connecting foreign key values when composing commands
  • The transaction interface, which provides a block scope for working with database transactions

Custom commands

Define custom commands only when repositories with changesets and auto-commands are blocking you

Associates Plugin

The associates plugin is used to automatically set foreign-key values when using command composition.

class CreateTask < ROM::Commands::Create[:sql]
  relation :tasks
  register_as :create
  result :one

  associates :user, key: [:user_id, :id]

class CreateUser < ROM::Commands::Create[:sql]
  relation :users
  register_as :create
  result :one

# using command composition
create_user = rom.command(:users).create
create_task = rom.command(:tasks).create

command = create_user.with(name: 'Jane') >> create_task.with(title: 'Task')

# using a graph
command = rom.command([
  { user: :users }, [:create, [{ task: :tasks }, [:create]]]
]) user: { name: 'Jane', task: { title: 'Task' } }