Version 3.0


ROM supports SQL databases via rom-sql adapter which currently uses Sequel under the hood. The adapter ships with an enhanced Relation that supports sql-specific query DSL and association macros that simplify constructing joins.

Refer to the Getting Started and Explicit Setup pages for information on how to setup ROM with a specific adapter.

Following connection URI schemes are supported:

  • ado
  • amalgalite
  • cubrid
  • db2
  • dbi
  • do
  • fdbsql
  • firebird
  • ibmdb
  • informix
  • jdbc
  • mysql
  • mysql2
  • odbc
  • openbase
  • oracle
  • postgres
  • sqlanywhere
  • sqlite
  • swift
  • tinytds

For details on specifying database connection URLs please refer to the Connecting to a database Sequel page.